Babita’s appeal to film industry of the country


Entertainment Report :
The famous actress of the sub-continent, the proud heroine of Bangladesh
Babita is currently in Canada with her son.

However, even there, she is constantly keeping the news of the country in various media, especially the news of the country’s film industry.

The actress is also aware of the latest successful Bangladeshi movies Himel Ashraf directed ‘Priyotoma’ and Raihan Rafi directed ‘Surongo’ that these two movies are doing good business.

But the rest of the movies that were released earlier this year and then some other movies that were released later why those movies were not commercially successful.

Babita made a humble appeal to the film industry and said, “In the middle of our film industry has passed a terrible crisis.

From that predicament, we have now overcome the so-called crisis. Both ‘Priyotoma’ and ‘Surongo’ movies did good business.

Now the movies are being shown in the cinema halls of different countries both in the country and outside the country.

If these two movies do well then why not others. My point is that those who make movies should pay more attention to the story first because I think the story is the soul of a movie.


We have to make original story based movies. I still get offers to act in many movies. It is not that I don’t watch movies from different countries.

But I understand that movies which is the original story and which is based on the shadows of different movies. So, I say the story is very important to be original.”

“And those who act in movies, they have to be a little more serious. Especially during shooting, I have heard complaints that many people talk on mobile for a long time, their attention is more on mobile.

This is not quite right. A producer invests money.

He invested his hard earned money in movies. Movies are made with that money. Everyone should take care that his movie is good in all aspects, he should be supported.

Remember that if you respect the producer, if you guarantee his money back, he will invest the money again.

Therefore, in the field of film production, artistes, directors and all those involved should pay maximum attention to this,” the actress also said.

It is noted that Babita last acted in Nargis Akhter’s movie ‘Putro Ekhon Paisawala’. After that she got an offer to act in a few more movies but the actress did not act anymore because she did not like the story, according to Babita.