AL, BNP announce rallies in city today


Staff Reporter :
In a continuation of the longstanding rivalry between Bangladesh’s ruling Awami League and the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), tensions are set to reach a crescendo today as both parties have announced separate rallies in close proximity in the capital city of Dhaka.

This marks the largest gathering of the two political factions since the clash on October 28, stirring concerns over potential unrest.

The Awami League, firmly entrenched in power for the fourth consecutive term, has vowed to maintain order and ensure citizen safety during their planned rally on March 25.

The party has warned that any attempts by the BNP to incite violence or sabotage will be met with intervention by law enforcement agencies.

Such preemptive measures have been criticized by the BNP, labeling them as politically unethical.

The political landscape of Bangladesh is witnessing heightened activity as both parties maneuver to secure their positions.

The Awami League is keen on fortifying its stronghold, employing various strategies to assert dominance, while the BNP, out of power for an extended period, seeks to reconnect with the populace and present itself as a viable alternative.

Adding to the complexities, the BNP has initiated a public boycott of Indian goods to protest against the escalating prices of commodities, garnering support from citizens disenchanted with the current economic situation.

Furthermore, the 12-party alliance, backed by the BNP, has recently shown solidarity, indicating a resurgence of opposition momentum.


Against this backdrop of simmering tensions, both the Awami League and the BNP have announced rallies in Dhaka for March 25.

The Awami League’s rally, commemorating Genocide Day, is scheduled to take place at Bangabandhu Avenue, as announced by General Secretary Obaidul Quader.

Meanwhile, the BNP has announced a freedom fighter rally in the capital, with participants expected from all corners of the country.

The rhetoric from both sides underscores the deep-seated animosity between the two political factions. AL joint general secretary AFM Bahauddin Nasim has dismissed BNP’s recent actions, indicating a perception within the ruling party that the opposition’s influence has waned. Nasim warned against any attempts at subversion, stating they would be met with firm action.

In response, Advisor to BNP Chairperson Zainul Abdin Farroque condemned the Awami League’s decision to announce a counter-program, deeming it politically immoral.

Farroque emphasized BNP’s commitment to holding a peaceful rally on March 25 and warned against any provocations from the ruling party.

Law enforcement agencies face the daunting task of maintaining peace and security, particularly in the lead-up to Eid festivities.

The outcome of today’s events may have far-reaching implications for Bangladesh’s political landscape and the stability of its capital.