Aim high, work hard to achieve goals: Shahin Howlader


Staff Reporter: Shahin Howlader, a renowned journalist in Bangladesh, has played a vital role in data journalism in the country. He is known for his innovative work and outstanding contribution to investigative reporting on economic issues.

During an interview with the Daily New Nation, Howlader shared his aspirations for his journalism career. He expressed his desire to work honestly and shed light on the country’s various issues and opportunities, particularly focusing on the banking and insurance sectors.

Howlader also expressed his ambition to venture into international media, leveraging his experiences and journalism training.

From an early age, he has been known for his humility, eagerness to learn, and willingness to challenge his own assumptions. The journalist shared some untold stories about his experiences during a recent interview with this newspaper.

“I chose journalism as my career from the beginning. It is now my passion,” he said. “Participating in international seminars and publishing news from a foreign country has been a great experience.”

“As the news media in other countries give importance to various issues, including covering news related to the interests of different countries and providing assistance to journalists in publishing their information, our country’s news media do not show much interest in developing journalists’ skills,” Howlader added.

He has been serious about his journalism career since the beginning. He started journalism in 2006 during his student life in Burhanuddin Upazila of Bhola, where he was born. He used to write by hand and send his articles through fax or courier to the newspaper office. His writings and photos were published under his name in features for the Dainik Barisal Barta newspaper.


After working for a few years, Howlader moved to Dhaka, where he started working as a staff reporter for several online and weekly news portals. He later joined The Daily Shomoyer Alo newspaper as an economic reporter. His investigative journalism on irregularities and corruption in the country’s financial sector has been widely appreciated.

“I have struggled in my life to reach my goal. I believe that hard work and passion are necessary to achieve any goal,” said Howlader.

In recognition of his contributions to journalism, he has received several awards from different reputable organizations. Recently, Howlader was honored with an award in New York for his special contribution to business journalism in Bangladesh, organized by the America-Bangladesh Press Club (ABPC).

He also received the ‘Mother Teresa Golden Award 2023’ for his outstanding contribution to economic journalism from the Mother Teresa Research Welfare Council, a non-governmental social development organization in Dhaka. Additionally, he was awarded the ‘Global Youth Leadership Award 2023’ from the Global Youth Parliament, one of the largest youth organizations in the world.

Howlader has recently authored an exceptional book titled ‘Banking Report-er Kala-kausal (Techniques of Banking Reports)’ for readers. The book provides valuable knowledge for reporters aspiring to build a career in economic journalism.

“I believe that dedication to journalism will bring success in my life,” Howlader said. He expressed his gratitude to his father and all his family members for their support throughout his career.

Howlader is a member of The National Press Club, a Washington-based organization, and a permanent member of the Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU), the largest organization of journalists in Bangladesh. He is also a permanent member of the Dhaka Journalist Union (DUJ), the largest organization working in the capital, Dhaka.