A faction of teachers obstruct headway of Comilla University


Staff Reporter :
Vice Chancellor of Comilla University Prof AFM Abdul Moyeen, who aspires to elevate the university a centre of excellence, has lamented that he has been facing challenges from a faction of teachers.

The VC accused the teachers of obstructing university progress by their unreasonable demands.

Speaking to journalists at a city restaurant on Monday, he disclosed that this group of teachers has resorted to threats of physical violence, citing previous instances where two former vice-chancellors were unable to complete their tenures due to similar intimidation tactics.

“If anyone has legitimate grievances, discussions can be held to find solutions. But individually, if someone feels affected, we can’t accommodate their preferences accordingly,” the VC said.

“A certain group of teachers has been hindering the progress of the university by consistently opposing the efforts of the vice-chancellors.

Although efforts have been made to address the teacher crisis through recruitment, they continue to impede progress. Students are suffering as these teachers are not taking classing. Should the session jams continue here?” he questioned.


Citing some examples, he said, “On March 6, Mehedi Hasan, the General Secretary of the University Teachers’ Association, obstructed the examination for the recruitment of teachers at the university.

These actions indicate that, akin to their past behaviour, the prominent leaders of the Teachers’ Association are once again leaning towards a movement against the vice-chancellor for their own interests.”

These identified leaders of the Teachers’ Association were previously involved in similar activities during every vice-chancellor’s tenure, he said. “They expand their influence over the vice-chancellor’s work, recruitments, financial transactions involving candidates (teachers, officials and staff), intervention in tender processes, financial misconduct, illegal land commerce, and baseless allegations against the vice-chancellor through personal attacks and accusations,” he said.

He said that this faction of teachers are coercing the vice-chancellor to engage in illegal activities like skipping classes to complete courses, altering endorsement numbers, sexual harassment, mark tempering, and more serious offenses.

Vice-Chancellor AFM Abdul Moyeen said, “I have been appointed by the President. I haven’t come here to resign at anyone’s words. I will resign only when I feel that I have treated my post unfairly. I am always working in the best interest of the university.”