12kg LPG cylinder price hiked by Tk 57


Staff Reporter :
The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) on Tuesday increased the price of 12-kg cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by Tk 57 setting the new price at Tk 1,235.

The new price came into effect from Tuesday evening.
BERC Chairman Md Nurul Amin announced it at a press conference held at its office in the capital.

BERC fixed the price of the LPG everymonth as its routine duty.
As per the new announcement of re-fixing the LPG price for the month of May, the price of a 12kg LPG cylinder will be Tk 1,235 by hiking Tk 57 from last month.
In April, the announced price was Tk 1,178.

With the revised price, per kg of LPG is now Tk 99.68 it said.

Meanwhile, it said, the price of autogas- the LPG used in cars will be Tk 57.52 per litre, which was earlier Tk 54.90 per litre in April.

BERC sets the price of private companies’ bottled LPG in line with Saudi Arabia’s Aramco’s contract prices of propane and butane, the main ingredients of the LPG, officials said.


This month, propane and butane prices increased to some extent, and so there was a hike in the LPG price, BERC press release said.
Meanwhile, the people did not get the LPG in the government announced price.

It is the longstanding allegations from the consumers that they did not get the LPGs as per the BERC or the government announced price.
They are bound to purchase the item as per the traders fixed price obviously huge high above the government announced prices.

Earlier, the BERC announced the 12 kg cylinder of LPG price at Tk 1178 instead of its previous price at Tk 1422 reducing by Tk 288 on April 4.
As per the announcement the people have to get a 12 kg cylinder of LPG at Tk 1178 since the day. But, the scenario of the market was totally different. No one consumer in the capital could buy a cylinder in the BERC fixed price.

In most of areas in the capital the 12 kg cylinder was sold at Tk 1350 to 1500 instead of the government fixed price Tk 1178.