Decision on Khaleda’s treatment today


Staff Reporter :
The decision regarding a prayer seeking permission for the extension of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s release period and her treatment abroad will be made on Tuesday, rather than today (Monday), as announced by Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq during his press briefing at the secretariat office on Monday.

Minister Huq elucidated, “Khaleda Zia’s family has applied for her permanent release, as in previous instances.

What precisely do they mean by permanent release? They have also sought permission for her treatment abroad. My secretary handed me this file today.

I will promptly assess the entire matter and reach a decision. The outcome will be communicated to journalists on Tuesday, InshaAllah.”


He further added, “I received Khaleda Zia’s file today. I must thoroughly review and consider its contents.”

Expanding on the issue, Anisul Huq reiterated, “Let me clarify one point. I have reiterated multiple times that Khaleda Zia’s release was granted under two conditions stipulated in section 401. We are bound by the law and have no intention of contravening it.”

The two conditions, under which Khaleda Zia was released through executive orders, are that she must receive medical treatment while staying at her home, and she is prohibited from traveling abroad.

On March 6, Khaleda Zia’s younger brother, Shamim Iskander, submitted a prayer to the ministry on behalf of the family, with Khaleda Zia’s personal secretary ABM Sattar delivering the prayer to the Home Ministry.